The Brainbox Initiative range of hands-on non-invasive brain stimulation workshops are run in collaboration with world-leading neuroscientists from leading universities around the world. Our courses combine in-depth talks with extensive practical sessions, and have been created specifically to provide delegates with a strong and deep understanding of the techniques required to carry out reliable, engaging studies in TMS, tES, tFUS, EEG, and neuronavigation.

Fundamentals & Applications of tES

March 23, 13:00

The online Brainbox Initiative Fundamentals and Applications of tES workshop is run in collaboration with Professor Sven Bestmann of UCL and members of his lab Carys Evans, Jenny Lee, and Ainslie Johnstone.

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Fundamentals & Applications of TMS

March 30, 13:00

In this online Brainbox Initiative Workshop exploring the Fundamentals & Applications of TMS, we are joined by Dr Lorenzo Rocchi (UCL), Dr Sara Tremblay (University of Ottawa), Dr Ricci Hannah (University of California, San Diego), Dr Helen Nuttall (Lancaster University), and Dr Magdalena Sliwinska (Liverpool John Moores University) for three days of lectures, discussions, and practical demonstrations.

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Introduction to Transcranial Focused Ultrasound

April 20, 13:00

Join us online from April 20th-22nd for the first Brainbox Initiative Introduction to Transcranial Focused Ultrasound workshop. Run in collaboration with leading TUS researchers including Lennart Verhagen and Jamie Tyler.

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