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Brainbox Initiative Webinar: Cortical Surface-based M/EEG Source Reconstruction

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Source Reconstruction

We are joined by guest speaker Dr James Bonaiuto of the ISC Marc Jeannerod for this Brainbox Initiative Webinar Cortical Surface-based M/EEG Source Reconstruction. In this webinar, delegates will receive insights into how to use MRI-derived cortical surfaces to determine the location of source activity measured with EEG and MEG sensors using SPM. This session will cover:

  • How to derive and process cortical surfaces from MRI
  • Using individual subject MRI and surface meshes in M/EEG source reconstruction
  • Estimating cortical column orientation to constrain source inversion
  • Combining multiple surfaces for laminar comparisons

This webinar will take place at 14:00 BST on July 3, and will last for approximately one hour with time for questions.

Register for this webinar here.