Marc Bachinger, BrainBox Initiative Conference

Marc Bächinger studied Biology at ETH Zürich with a focus on Neuroscience. During his Master’s programme he carried out various psychophysical experiments in the field of visual and auditory perception. His Master’s thesis investigated the perception of visual stimuli — Glass patterns — rendered invisible by dynamic masking (motion-induced blindness). Parallel to his Master’s programme, he served as an intern at the University Hospital Zürich in the Laboratory of Experimental Audiology. There, he developed software for psychophysical experiments with patients who have cochlear implants. After finishing his Master’s Degree in 2012 he completed an internship at the Psychiatric University Hospital in Zurich as a research assistant. He recently obtained his PhD at the Neural Control of Movement Lab where he investigated different interventions to modulate activity within the sensorimotor system, and was one of the first to apply a concurrent tACS-fMRI approach where the stimulation waveforms were tailored to the individual’s EEG activity. As of January 2018 he is continuing his research in the lab as a postdoctoral researcher. 

Research Interests

Dr. Bächinger has a great interest in advancing the understanding and application of non-invasive neurostimulation in combination with multimodal neuroimaging approaches. During his PhD, he studied different methods to modulate activity within the sensorimotor system and received a Merit Award from the Organization of Human Brain mapping and the Volker Henn Poster Award from the Swiss Society of Neuroscience for his work on combining tACS and resting-state fMRI. Currently, his research focuses on the neurophysiological basis of performance fatigability in humans, using a multi-modal approach including connectivity analysis of fMRI and EEG data, as well as non-invasive brain stimulation methods (TMS & tDCS). He is especially interested in determining which neurophysiological markers are associated with fatigability and how to apply interventions tailored to those markers to alleviate fatigability.

Dr Marc Bächinger will be speaking at the upcoming BrainBox Initiative Conference at the Wellcome Collection on the 27-28 September 2018.

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