Professor Joseph Devlin

Joseph Devlin completed a PhD in Artificial Intelligence at the University of Southern California using artificial neural networks to explore memory degradation in Alzheimer’s disease. To enhance the biological plausibility of his computational modelling work, he moved to Cambridge and then Oxford to train in non-invasive brain imaging and stimulation techniques and their application to the neurobiology of human language. At Oxford, he received a Wellcome Trust Career Development Fellowship to study the brain circuitry underlying language before moving to UCL’s Experimental Psychology department in 2007. His research combined fMRI and TMS to systematically explore the neural information processing of brain regions that contribute to our language abilities. Most recently, he has become interested in how cognitive neurosci-ence is understood and applied outside of academia. He sits on the Wellcome Trust and Education Endowment Foundation’s Educational Neuroscience panel and runs “Neuromar-keting Workshops” for companies interested in understanding the basic science behind understanding consumer behaviour.