Dr Lucia Li, BrainBox Initiative conference, Imperial college

Dr Lucia Li is based at Imperial College, London. In September 2017, Dr Lucia Li submitted a poster at the BrainBox Initiative conference for which she was awarded the BrainBox Initiative poster prize.

During her medical training at Cambridge, Dr Lucia Li became very interested in the scientific and clinical aspects of traumatic brain injury. In particular, Dr Li wanted to explore ways to improve functional outcomes after this common and devastating condition. She has recently completed a body of work as part of her PhD at Imperial College London, exploring the use of transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) for cognitive rehabilitation after traumatic brain injury.

You can read our International Women’s Day interview with Lucia here.

Dr Lucia Li will be speaking at our upcoming BrainBox Initiative Conference on 27-28 September 2018 at the Wellcome Collection.