Dr Davide Folloni, Young Investigator Award Winner

Dr Davide Folloni

Dr. Davide Folloni is interested in understanding the architecture and functional dynamics of the neural circuits supporting learning and decision making. Its research uses a multi-modal approach to describe the anatomy, organization and neural activity of higher-order brain networks. Specifically, he uses transcranial focused ultrasound stimulation in combination with functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging to manipulate the activity of subcortical and cortical brain structures and causally infer their role in normal and abnormal cognitive computations underlying decision-making. His goal is to exploit the non-invasive and reversible properties of ultrasound to bridge the gap between animal and human research and help developing novel brain stimulation interventions for psychiatric and neurological diseases.

Dr Davide Folloni will be speaking at the Brainbox Initiative Conference 2020 about his groundbreaking research for which he was awarded the 2020 Young Investigator Award.