Dr Caroline Di Bernardi Luft

Caroline Di Bernardi Luft is cognitive neuroscientist and a senior lecturer at Queen Mary University of London. She directs the EEG and brain stimulation laboratory at Queen Mary, focusing on the combination of psychophysiological, neuroimaging and brain stimulation methods. Her work combines neuroimaging and brain stimulation methods to understand cognition, especially learning and creativity. She is dedicated to understanding the brain mechanisms behind learning and creativity by combining EEG and transcranial direct and alternating current brain stimulation (tDCS and tACS). Her approach involves applying advanced signal processing techniques to investigate local and global brain synchronization in cognitive tasks and in response to brain stimulation at rest and during a number of different paradigms. She is also interested in understanding how people’s brains synchronize with each other and is currently developing studies using hyperscanning techniques to understand group creativity.


Caroline will be speaking at the upcoming Brainbox Initiative Conference 2019.

Caroline Di Bernardi Luft