Professor Charlotte Stagg

Charlotte Stagg

Professor Charlotte Stagg heads the Physiological Neuroimaging Group.

Professor Stagg’s primary research interest is in understanding how the brain adapts to new challenges, focusing in particular in the physiological processes underlying the learning of new motor skills and in the recovery of motor function after stroke.  To do this, she combines transcranial stimulation techniques with advanced neuroimaging approaches, especially Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy (MRS).

She started her Sir Henry Dale Fellowship in 2014 and has moved to be based between FMRIB and OHBA (the Oxford MEG centre). She maintains close links with the FMRIB Plasticity Group and continues to work with her collaborators, Profs. Sven Bestmann and John Rothwell, at University College London. Professor Stagg has an ongoing collaboration with Prof. Andrew Maudsley at the University of Miami, FL, with whom she is implementing MRS Imaging in a number of clinical populations.

Professor Charlotte Stagg will be chairing the Brainbox Initiative Conference 2020.