Brainbox Initiative Workshops

Our range of hands-on workshops are run in collaboration with world-leading neuroscientists from some of the best universities around the world. Combining in-depth talks with extensive practical sessions, the Brainbox Initiative workshop series has been created specifically to provide delegates with a strong, deep understanding of the non-invasive brain stimulation, imaging, and navigation techniques required to carry out reliable, engaging studies.

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Brainbox Initiative Workshops

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Fundamentals & Applications of TMS

Our two-day Fundamentals and Applications of TMS Workshop programme has been created in collaboration with some of the UK’s leading neuroscience researchers. Providing a wealth of in-depth lectures and talks, supplemented with extensive hands-on training with state-of-the-art transcranial magnetic stimulation systems, this workshop provides a comprehensive knowledge of the basic principles and physiology of TMS, and the TMS research techniques required to design, set-up, carry out, and analyse a successful TMS study.

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Fundamentals & Applications of TMS Workshop

TMS Neuronavigation

The one-day Brainbox Initiative TMS Neuronavigation workshop provides delegates with extensive hands-on experience and expert training in the use of the latest features of both MRI-based and average brain targeting and navigation with the Brainsight Navigation System. This workshop is suitable for both new neuronavigation users looking to familiarise themselves with the system, and more experience users looking to introduce advanced techniques into their research. We highly recommend that attendees of the Fundamentals & Applications of TMS Workshop join us for this workshop which builds substantially on the knowledge gained at the two-day workshop.

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TMS Neuronavigation Workshop

Advanced TMS Techniques: TMS-EEG Acquisition & Analysis

This two-day workshop for advanced TMS users is run in collaboration with some of the world’s leading TMS-EEG researchers and data analysis software experts. The practical workshop will feature talks and discussions that will provide a solid grounding in the theory and understanding of these techniques, and is designed to equip all delegates with the knowledge required to design, set up, run, and analyse the resulting data from a TMS-EEG study.

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TMS-EEG Workshop

Fundamentals of tES

This one-day introductory workshop is designed to provide a comprehensive introductory experience for anyone who is completely new to transcranial electrical stimulation and looking to introduce the technique into their own research. Featuring lectures from leading academics and industry experts, the workshop programme provides an introduction to the basic principles and physiology of tES, as well as ample hands-on practical sessions for delegates to familiarise themselves with tES equipment and to test out any techniques that they wish to incorporate into their own projects.

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Fundamentals of tES Workshop

Advanced Applications of tES

Following on from our Fundamentals of tES Workshop, this workshop features a range of lectures, talks, and practical sessions that have been specifically created and curated to provide delegates with a strong and deep understanding of advanced transcranial electrical stimulation (tES) and the tES research techniques required to design, set-up, carry out, and analyse a successful multimodal tES study. For new users of tES, we strongly recommend attending our Fundamentals of tES Workshop, which will provide you will the knowledge required to participate in this event.

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Advanced Applications of tES Workshop