Brainbox Initiative Conference 2020
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Brainbox Initiative Conference 2020

The Brainbox Initiative Conference moved online for 2020. The conference took place on September 22-25 across four days filled with research and talks from early-career researchers working with non-invasive brain stimulation and imaging methods; inspiring keynote sessions with world-leading neuroscientists; online poster exhibitions and live pitches to all conference attendees; the presentation of our annual Research Challenge and Young Investigator Awards and much more.

Giving Early-Career Neuroscientists A Voice

What is the Brainbox Initiative Conference?

Established in 2016, the Brainbox Initiative works closely with world-leading academics to help support, develop, and promote the work of early-career neuroscientists.

Ever since our first conference in 2017, we have remained committed to bringing together exciting programmes packed with the most rigorous and exciting field-leading work in non-invasive brain stimulation and brain imaging research. The Brainbox Initiative Conference is unique in encouraging the presentation of groundbreaking research from neuroscientists at all stages of their careers: from graduate students and postdoctoral researchers just starting their careers in academia, to those whose decades of cutting-edge research have helped to define the field.

Through our commitment to bring together such a wide range of speakers and experiences, the Brainbox Initiative Conference provides one of the most supportive environments for early-career neuroscientists, and keeps a strong focus on stimulating exciting new avenues for networking, discovery, and collaboration in the field.

Conference Panel & Speakers

Professor Charlotte Stagg
Dr Ines Violante
Dr Jacinta O'Shea
Dr Lennart Verhagen
Dr Paul Taylor

We worked closely with the conference panel and our scientific committee to construct a programme that covers a broad range of topics across non-invasive brain stimulation techniques. Our conference panel are committed to ensuring that we support the most inclusive conference programme possible, bringing together researchers from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences.

Keynote Speakers

Colleen Hanlon
Prof Dr Agnes Floel
Dr William J Tyler
Professor John Rothwell

Conference Speakers

Dr Ronan Mooney
Dr Eleanor Cole
Dr Alberto Lazari
Dr Bettina Schwab
Dr Justin Riddle
Dr Sangjin Yoo
Dr Sara Tremblay
Dr Davide Folloni, Young Investigator Award Winner
Dr Cristina Pasquinelli
Dr Jan Kubanek
Dr Vera Mateus
Dr Helen Barron
Dr Lucia Li

View the virtual programme here:

Virtual Programme
Conference Programme

The Brainbox Initiative Conference 2020 featured talks across four days, with each of these days adopting its own unique focus: transcranial electrical stimulation, transcranial magnetic stimulation, transcranial focused ultrasound stimulation, and neuroimaging.

13:00Welcome Address & Conference IntroductionProfessor Charlotte Stagg & Andrew Thomas
13:15Modulation of Functional Connectivity by Dual-site tACSDr Bettina Schwab
13:40Causal Role of Phase Amplitude Coupling in Components of Cognitive Control Using Cross-frequency tACSDr Justin Riddle
14:05Using current flow modelling to dose-control tESDr Carys Evans
14:30Short Break & Transcranial Electrical Stimulation Product Demonstration with Neurophet tES LabMark Crawley & Dr Rory Cutler (Brainbox Ltd)
14:45Poster Pitches & Presentations
15:30Neuronal Computation Underlying Inferential Reasoning in Humans and MiceDr Helen Barron
15:55Interacting Influences: Investigating how Brain State, Polarity and White Matter Structure Shapes Brain Network Effects of tDCSDr Lucia Li
16:15Keynote Address: Modulation of Memory Consolidation via Oscillatory Brain Stimulation During SleepProfessor Dr Agnes Flöel
17:00Day One Closing RemarksDr Ines Violante
13:00Introduction & WelcomeDr Jacinta O'Shea
13:10Modulating Long-range Connectivity through Cortico-cortical Paired Associative TMSDr Alberto Lazari
13:35Optimizing TMS for Treatment-Resistant DepressionDr Eleanor Cole
14:00Neurophysiological Correlates of Motor Skill StabilityDr Ronan Mooney
14:25Short Break & TMS Robotics DemonstrationDr Roch Comeau
14:40Poster Pitches & Presentations
15:25Young Investigator Award PresentationDr Davide Folloni
15:55Short Break & DuoMAG TMS Systems DemonstrationBrainbox Ltd
16:10Keynote Address: Oops.. I Did it Again: Using TMS as a Tool to Prevent Relapse to Alcohol DrinkingProfessor Colleen Hanlon
16:55Day Two Closing RemarksDr Jacinta O'Shea
13:00Introduction & WelcomeDr Lennart Verhagen
13:10Transducer and Skull Modelling in Acoustic Simulations for Transcranial Ultrasound StimulationDr Cristina Pasquinelli
13:35Biomolecular Mechanisms of Ultrasonic NeuromodulationDr Sangjin Yoo
14:00Deep Brain Ultrasonic Modulation in Behaving PrimatesDr Jan Kubanek
14:25Short Break & NeuroFUS Focused Ultrasound System DemonstrationBrainbox Ltd
14:40Poster Pitches & Presentations
15:25Computational Methods for DosimetryDr Bradley Treeby
15:55Short Break
16:00Keynote Address: State-of-the-Art Neuromodulation with Focused UltrasoundDr William 'Jamie' Tyler
16:45Day Three Closing RemarksDr Lennart Verhagen
13:00Introduction & WelcomeDr Paul Taylor
13:10Poster Pitches & Presentations
13:55Molecular Brain Imaging to Study the Neural Mechanisms of Theta Burst StimulationDr Sara Tremblay
14:20Short Break & TMS-EEG Technique FocusBrainbox Ltd
14:35The Impact of Transcranial Direct-Current Stimulation on Surgical PerformanceDr Ronak Patel
15:00Neural Processing of Observed and Executed Motor Actions in 6-month-old Infants: An fNIRS StudyDr Vera Mateus
15:25Research Challenge 2020 Award PresentationDr Paul Taylor
15:40Short Break & Infinitome Product Demonstration
15:55Poster Presentation Award & Session Closing RemarksProfessor Charlotte Stagg and Professor Sven Bestmann
16:10Keynote ConversationProfessor John Rothwell in discussion with Professor Charlotte Stagg
16:55Conference Closing RemarksProfessor Charlotte Stagg

Poster Presentations & Pitches

Each year, the Brainbox Initiative Conference offers early-career researchers the opportunity not only to share their research in the form of a poster, but also to supplement this display with a three-minute, on-stage pitch to help them reach as many attendees as possible. In moving the conference online for 2020, we are reaffirming our commitment to this core component of our conference and are delighted to announce that we will be running extended poster presentation and poster pitch sessions for this year.

We invite any early-career researchers who would like to present their work (or planned work) at the 2020 conference to submit an abstract. Call for entries is open now, and we will be accepting submissions until September 14, 2020. For full details of poster presentations and instructions on how to submit your research, please visit our dedicated poster page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I view the programme for the conference?
We’re in the final stages of confirming speakers for the conference, at which point we’ll share the finished conference programme. With regards to timings, the conference will run between 13:00-17:00 BST from September 22-25.

How much is the registration fee?
We want to make sure that the Brainbox Initiative Conference is easily accessible for everyone. As the event is taking place virtually this year we are able to offer registrations at the substantially reduced cost of £30. This fee will be used to help towards costs associated with running the event, such as the purchase of the virtual platform that we will be using. In our ongoing mission to helping promote the work of early-career researchers, we promise to contribute any additional funds raised by the conference to funding travel grants and subsidies for attendees of the Brainbox Initiative Conference 2021 in London.

How will I attend the conference?
The conference will be taking place online, and all attendees will be sent a direct link to enter the virtual room ahead of the event. There is no need to download any proprietary software as you will be able to join the event via your internet browser.

Will I be able to ask questions during the conference?
Yes, there will be the option to ask questions in a Q&A chat throughout the event. For questions about poster presentations, dedicated forum threads will be available for delegates to interact with all of our presenters.

I would like to attend but I can’t make the timings: will the event be available online afterwards?
While we would like to make the conference available for as many people as possible, we only intend – at the moment – for the Brainbox Initiative Conference to be viewed live. Our YouTube channel, however, is regularly updated with recordings of our Brainbox Initiative Webinars to watch on demand. Should we determine that we are able to make the conference available to view at a later date, we will announce this on our social media channels and our newsletter.

If you have any additional questions about the Brainbox Initiative Conference, please contact us at