Brainbox Initiative Awards Now Open

If you're a neuroscientist in the early to mid stages of your career, driven by a passion for non-invasive brain stimulation and imaging, these three prestigious awards are tailor-made for you. The Brainbox Initiative Research Challenge Award, the Young Investigator Award, and the John Rothwell Award present unparalleled opportunities for acknowledgment, backing, and collaboration in your field.

The Brainbox Initiative Research Challenge Award, established in 2016, is geared towards promising up-and-coming neuroscientists with ambitious research proposals in integrated non-invasive brain stimulation and imaging studies. By submitting your research proposal, you stand a chance to secure a loan of specialised non-invasive brain stimulation and/or imaging equipment for up to three months, receive expert technical assistance, secure a speaking slot at the Brainbox Initiative Conference, and more. Whether your expertise lies in TMS, tES, TUS, MEG, fNIRS, neuronavigation, or EEG, apply for the Brainbox Initiative research challenge award.

Apply for the Brainbox Initiative Research Challenge Award

For early-career academics who have made notable strides in research utilising non-invasive brain stimulation or imaging techniques, the Brainbox Initiative Young Investigator Award is an outstanding opportunity. Early-career researchers are encouraged to submit their entries for consideration. The award recipient will be bestowed with a speaking slot at the Brainbox Initiative Conference in London, complete with a travel and accommodation bursary, a £500 cash prize, ongoing support and promotion of their research, and the prospect of becoming a Brainbox Ambassador. This award aims to recognise and reward the very best neuroscience research conducted by emerging talents.

Apply for the Brainbox Initiative Young Investigator Award

The esteemed John Rothwell Award, created in collaboration with the Brainbox Initiative, is crafted to acknowledge and reward excellence in non-invasive brain stimulation research. Open to postdoctoral researchers within 10-20 years of completing their PhD, this award acknowledges distinctive research that directly contributes to advancing knowledge in non-invasive brain stimulation. The winner will have the opportunity to present their research at the Brainbox Initiative Conference, be invited as a guest speaker at a workshop or webinar, receive a £1,000 cash prize, collaborate with the Brainbox Initiative to develop a workshop, and gain exposure through a profile and video detailing their award and research.

Apply for the Brainbox Initiative John Rothwell Award

To be eligible for these awards, applicants must meet specific criteria related to their academic status, authorship of relevant publications, and commitment to presenting their research. Make sure to carefully review the eligibility requirements for each award and submit your application before the looming deadline.

Whether you aim to access cutting-edge equipment, showcase your research at a prestigious conference, secure financial support, or collaborate with renowned experts in the field, these awards offer a platform for recognition and advancement. Submit your application before June 1, 2024 and elevate your research to new heights with the support of the Brainbox Initiative.