BBI2024 Speaker Submissions Open

Submit an abstract:

We are encouraging any researchers working in non-invasive brain stimulation and imaging who would like to present their work at the 8th Annual Brainbox Initiative Conference 2024 to submit an abstract.

To submit an abstract, email us at info@brainbox-initiative.com with the following information:

  • Talk Title
  • Short Abstract
  • Academic CV
Deadline for speaker submissions: March 1st

About the Brainbox Initiative Conference:

The Brainbox Initiative Conference returns to London for its 8th annual gathering, showcasing the exceptional achievements of early and mid-career neuroscientists at the forefront of non-invasive brain stimulation research.

Join us as our  early-career speakers share their groundbreaking work alongside esteemed keynote speakers who have shaped the field. This supportive and inclusive environment fosters meaningful connections, propelling attendees to explore novel research endeavors.

Beyond captivating lectures, the conference offers interactive demonstrations and exhibits, allowing attendees to experience the latest non-invasive brain stimulation techniques firsthand. Gain expert technical insights into the development of cutting-edge systems and witness the future of neuroscientific research.

Embrace the transformative power of non-invasive brain stimulation and connect with the minds shaping its future. Join us at the Brainbox Initiative Conference and experience the pinnacle of neuroscience innovation.