Brainbox Initiative Announces New TMS & TMS-EEG Workshop

The brain, with its intricate complexity and vast potential, has captivated scientists and researchers for centuries. As technology advances, so does our ability to understand and interact with this remarkable organ. One such groundbreaking technique that has revolutionised neuroscience research is Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS). To delve into the world of TMS and its synergy with EEG, the Brainbox Initiative is proud to present a four-day interactive workshop that combines the core content of their popular TMS and TMS-EEG sessions.

The first two days of the workshop are dedicated to the fundamentals and applications of TMS. The participants will embark on a journey to explore the basic principles and physiology of transcranial magnetic stimulation. This introduction lays the foundation for understanding how TMS works and its applications in cutting-edge research.

In the spirit of comprehensive learning, the workshop discusses the pros and cons of different types of TMS in example studies. Participants will gain valuable insights into which TMS protocols are best suited for specific research questions and experimental designs.

Safety is paramount when conducting any scientific study, and TMS is no exception. During the workshop, attendees will receive an in-depth look at the safety considerations for TMS studies. Understanding the safety protocols ensures the ethical and responsible use of this powerful brain stimulation technique.

Practical demonstrations of various TMS protocols, including single pulse, paired-pulse, and repetitive TMS (rTMS), will give participants hands-on experience. This interactive approach helps solidify theoretical knowledge and prepares researchers to confidently carry out their own TMS studies.

TMS studies require careful planning and thoughtful design. The workshop offers considerations for TMS study designs and encourages group discussions to facilitate the planning and development of these studies. The collaborative environment enables participants to exchange ideas and learn from each other's experiences.

Additionally, the Brainbox Initiative provides interactive, practical demonstrations of neuronavigation techniques using the Brainsight TMS Navigation system. Neuronavigation enhances the precision and accuracy of TMS targeting, ensuring the desired brain regions are stimulated effectively.

Building on the knowledge gained from the initial two-day TMS workshop, the next two days shift the focus to TMS-EEG, a powerful combination of brain stimulation and brainwave recording. This portion of the workshop introduces the basic principles of TMS, EEG, and TMS navigation. Participants will gain a deeper understanding of how these techniques complement each other in research.

The workshop takes a practical approach to TMS-EEG by providing hands-on experience in TMS/EEG experiment design and data acquisition. Participants will be guided through the process of setting up experiments and acquiring valuable data using TMS-EEG.

Data processing and analysis are vital steps in any research project. The workshop covers data processing techniques and demonstrates how to review and export data using various software platforms like MATLAB, TruScan Explorer, and BESA Research.

As part of the workshop's all-encompassing approach to brain stimulation, attendees will be introduced to other non-invasive brain stimulation techniques and their integration with EEG. Understanding these various techniques broadens the researcher's toolkit, enabling them to explore different avenues of brain investigation.

The Brainbox Initiative's workshop programs are developed in collaboration with leading neuroscientists from around the world. The workshop leaders are experts in their respective fields, ensuring that participants receive the most up-to-date and relevant knowledge.

As an exciting prospect, all delegates attending the workshop will have the future opportunity to visit the Brainbox headquarters. This visit will provide first-hand experience using the devices, methods, and techniques explored during the workshop when travel restrictions allow.

The Brainbox Initiative TMS & TMS-EEG Workshop offers an exceptional opportunity for researchers to gain comprehensive insights into the world of transcranial magnetic stimulation and its combination with EEG. By participating in this interactive and practical workshop, attendees will be equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to design, set up, and conduct their own cutting-edge brain stimulation studies. This workshop is suitable for both newcomers to TMS and experienced researchers seeking to expand their neuroscientific repertoire.

The Brainbox Initiative's dedication to advancing neuroscience and collaboration with leading experts make this workshop an unparalleled opportunity for any researcher passionate about unlocking the brain's secrets. Join the Brainbox Initiative on this enlightening journey and contribute to the ever-growing understanding of the human brain.

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