Research Assistant Vacancy Opportunity

We have been made aware of an exciting new vacancy for a London-based Research Assistant wanted to support a clinical trial.
The Research Assistant position is a paid, freelance position working 3 (long) days per week, initially for a 7-week period. Testing start is being planned for May 24th, with training on protocol etc. taking place in the run up to this date.
Do you know anyone in or around London that fits the bill and is potentially looking for some work?
The role description is as follows:
The study:
Using transcranial magnetic stimulation and electroencephalography (TMS-EEG) to stimulate the brain and measure response over time under certain drug conditions to establish target engagement and effective dose levels.
The role:
To be part of team of four (split into two) and support this aspect of the study with:
  1. Volunteer set up of EEG (measuring for cap, application of cap and conductive paste, checking EEG signals throughout trial session, adjusting position of equipment to manage signal noise etc).
  2. Providing an additional pair of hands to the TMS researcher who will be administering the stimulation protocol.
  3. Being at the trial site for 3 days per week, for 10 hours per day for testing.


  • Experience with EEG technology – specifically the set-up process. Data analysis expertise is not essential for this role.
  • Familiarity with TMS would be a benefit.
  • Must live in the London area

 Training on the specific equipment to be used on the trial will be provided. Candidate must be available for site initiation, protocol and equipment training, and site fire safety training prior to trial start date.

For further information on the role, please contact Tonia Smreczak on tonia@the-science-behind.co.uk