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3y f/t Postdoctoral Position UKRI funded - Ultrasound Neurostimulation & EEG/fMRI in human decision making  


Elsa Fouragnan
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06/06/2020 5:51 pm  

JOB ALERT - Applications are invited for a full time 3-years PostDoctoral Fellow position at the University of Plymouth, UK at the new Brain Research Imaging Center, to work with Dr Elsa Fouragnan on a UKRI-funded project investigating the Proof of Principle that Transcranial Ultrasound can be used safely in Psychiatric patients. 


The project investigates the neuro-cognitive basis of decision making and learning, using state-of-the-art EEG/fMRI and Transcranial Ultrasound Neurostimulation (Fouragnan et al, 2019; Folloni et al, 2019). The project will provide an excellent opportunity to work within an interdisciplinary environment (computational psychiatry, neuroscience, physics) and conduct cutting edge multimodal neuroimaging and neurostimulation work in a team of expert collaborators (Prof Matthew Rushworth; Prof Charlotte Stagg, Oxford; Prof Jean-Francois Aubry, Paris).

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