Non-Invasive Brain Stimulation and Brain Imaging Conference

The BrainBox Initiative Conference for non-invasive brain stimulation and imaging is a unique event bringing together a programme that showcases some of the latest research by early career neuroscientists.

The programme has been developed in collaboration with Professor John Rothwell (UCL), Professor Sven Bestmann (UCL), Professor Charlie Stagg (University of Oxford), Professor Michael Banissy (Goldsmiths), Professor Joseph Devlin (UCL), Professor Paul Taylor (Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich) and Dr Jacinta O’Shea (University of Oxford).

*Programme subject to change.

You can download a PDF of the programme here.

Benedikt Zoefel, BrainBox Initiative conference,

Dr Benedikt Zoefel
University of Cambridge

Isabel Glover, Newcastle University, Stuart Baker's lab, Reece Foundation

Isabel Glover
Newcastle University

Naheem Bashir, Research Challenge, UCL, BrainBox Initiative

Naheem Bashir
University College London

Paul Taylor, LMU Munich, BrainBox Initiative Conference

Professor Paul Taylor
LMU Munich

Dr Lucia Li, BrainBox Initiative conference, Imperial college

Dr Lucia Li
Imperial College London

Marc Bachinger, BrainBox Initiative Conference

Dr Marc Bächinger
ETH Zurich

Tegan Penton, King's College, Research Challenge, BrainBox Initiative

Tegan Penton
King’s College London

Jean-Francois Lepage, Université de Sherbrooke

Professor Jean-François Lepage
Université de Sherbrooke

Alex Casson, University of Manchester, Engineering, BrainBox Conference

Dr Alex Casson
University of Manchester

Sophie Esterer

Sophie Esterer
Cardiff University Brain Research Imaging Centre

James Bonaiuto, BrainBox Initiative Conference

Dr James Bonaiuto
French National Centre for Scientific Research

Professor Ugawa

Professor Yoshikazu Ugawa
Fukushima Medical University

Camilla Nord, Cambridge

Dr Camilla Nord
University of Cambridge

Professor Joseph Devlin

Professor Joseph Devlin
University College London

Prof Zoe Kourtzi, University of Cambridge

Professor Zoe Kourtzi
University of Cambridge

Kate Watkins, University of Oxford

Professor Kate Watkins
University of Oxford

09:30 Coffee and Registration

10:00 Welcome address from conference chair, Professor Sven Bestmann, University College London

10:15 Dr Benedikt Zoefel, University of Cambridge Phase entrainment of neural oscillations with tACS causally modulates fMRI responses to intelligible speech

10:45 Isabel Glover, Newcastle University – Corticospinal axonal responses to TMS with different coil orientations

11:15 Poster Pitch session 1

12:00 Lunch, Networking and Posters

13:00 Keynote address – Professor Zoe Kourtzi, University of Cambridge – Strategic routes to learning and brain plasticity

13.45 Research Challenge 2017 winner, Naheem Bashir, University College London

14.15 Professor Joseph Devlin, UCL and Professor Kate Watkins, University of OxfordPreparing to Stimulate: Ethical Approval and Study Design

15.00 Coffee, Networking and Posters

15.30 Professor Paul Taylor, LMU Munich – Understanding natural perception with artificial methods? Combining brain interference with EEG and visual-vestibular cognition.

16.15 Dr Camilla Nord, University of Cambridge

16.45 Poster Pitch session 2

17.30 Drinks Reception and Posters

19.00 Close day one

9.30 Coffee and Registration

10.00 Welcome and Poster Prize announced

10.15 Dr Lucia Li, Imperial College London – Exploring the targeted application of transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) for cognitive modulation after brain injury

10.45 Dr Marc Bächinger, ETH Zurich – Concurrent tACS-fMRI reveals causal influence of power synchronised neural activity on resting fMRI connectivity

11.15 Research Challenge 2017 winner Tegan Penton, King’s College London

11.45 Young Investigator Award 2018

12.15 Lunch and Networking

13.15 Professor Jean-François Lepage, Université de Sherbrooke – TMS in translational research: the case of fragile-x syndrome

13.45 Dr Alex Casson, University of Manchester

14.15 Sophie Esterer, Cardiff University Brain Imaging Centre

14.45 Coffee and Networking

15.15 Dr James Bonaiuto, French National Centre for Scientific Research

15.45 Keynote address – Professor Yoshikazu Ugawa, Fukushima Medical University – QPS: Past and Future

16.30 Research Challenge 2018 award

16.45 – 17.00 Closing remarks