John Rothwell Award

The prestigious John Rothwell Award has been created by the Brainbox Initiative to acknowledge and reward excellence in non-invasive brain stimulation research that stimulates further work at a higher scientific level.

The Prize

Each year, we will award one successful applicant with:

  • A 30-minute presentation slot to speak about their research at the Brainbox Initiative Conference (including a travel and accommodation bursary);
  • An invitation to join us as a guest speaker at a Brainbox Initiative workshop and/or webinar in 2024;
  • A £1,000 cash prize;
  • Ongoing support and promotion of your research by the Brainbox Initiative;
  • An invitation to collaborate with the Brainbox Initiative to develop a workshop relevant to the winner’s research area;
  • And a profile and video of the winner detailing the successful applicant’s award and research.



Eligibility criteria for the John Rothwell Award:

  • Open to postdoctoral researchers, within 10-20 years of completing their PhD (excluding time taken for any breaks in career);
  • Applicants must be first or second author on up to five publications directly related to non-invasive brain stimulation within the last three years, which should be highlighted to exemplify applicant’s work;
  • Applicants must evidence distinctive research, shown by publications that contribute directly to the advancement of knowledge in NIBS.

How to apply

All applications for the John Rothwell should clearly and concisely describe the applicant’s current research efforts, and should demonstrate direct relevance to the practical application of non-invasive brain stimulation and imaging techniques (TMS, tES, tFUS, EEG, fNIRS, MRI, etc.).

Applications should be submitted in PDF format. As we understand different projects may necessitate different lengths of applications, we do not enforce a rigid word/page count for applications. Please note, however, that due to the volume of applications that we receive, submissions should be as concise as is reasonably possible.

All applications should cover the applicant’s career, research interests, and contributions to various research projects that they have participated in. Applications must also be accompanied by a copy of an up-to-date CV, and two letters of support from their current research institution.

Award winners will be selected by the Brainbox Initiative Scientific Committee of recognised non-invasive brain stimulation academics.


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Dr. Elsa Fouragnan

Dr. Elsa Fouragnan

Dr. Fouragnan's research centers on the neurobiology of decision-making and learning, examining these aspects in both healthy adults and individuals with psychiatric disorders. After working as a biomedical engineer, contributing to the development of clinical devices related to the brain, Dr. Fouragnan transitioned to an academic career in computational neuroscience at the universities of Glasgow and Oxford. Her previous research concentrated on demonstrating the feasibility of transcranial ultrasound neuromodulation in safely and temporarily altering neural activity within specific areas of the brain, particularly deep regions associated with fundamental cognitive and motivational processes. Currently, Dr. Fouragnan is dedicated to advancing this technology and applying it to address mental health challenges.

Dr Nigel Rogasch

Dr Nigel Rogasch

Dr Rogasch completed his PhD at Monash University, Melbourne where he now works as a research fellow researching combined brain stimulation and neuroimaging in the field of memory, schizophrenia and ageing.

Professor Til Ole Bergmann

Professor Til Ole Bergmann

We are delighted to confirm that Professor Dr Til Ole Bergmann of the TOBergmann Lab, LIR Mainz, has been awarded the inaugural John Rothwell Award for his outstanding contributions to non-invasive brain stimulation research throughout his career.

Professor Dr Til Ole Bergmann is a biological psychologist and cognitive neuroscience with a keen research interest in the function of neuronal oscillations in cognition. His research, in particular, focuses on the organisation of information processing and the gating of synaptic plasticity in the awake and sleeping human brain.

Til's methodological focus is on the simultaneous combination of non-invasive transcranial brain stimulation techniques with neuroimaging technologies and electrophysiology, as well as the development of novel approaches such as brain state-dependent brain stimulation.


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