About the BrainBox Initiative

Launched in 2016 by Brainbox Ltd, the Brainbox Initiative delivers expert support, guidance, and promotion for early-career neuroscientists. We offer a wide array of world-class training and development opportunities, run in collaboration with some of the most exciting names in neuroscience across the globe, and are constantly striving to expand and deepen this range of options on offer.

We provide opportunities for neuroscience researchers to:

  • Gain valuable hands-on experience with cutting-edge neuroscience research techniques
  • Receive expert training in the latest advances in the field
  • Network with other early-career researchers and field-leading neuroscientists
  • Gain valuable research recognition from the academic community
  • Share ideas and instigate new research collaborations
  • Raise research profile visibility

The Brainbox Initiative works closely in collaboration with key academics in the neuroscience field. Our esteemed scientific committee comprises Professors John Rothwell, Sven Bestmann and Joe Devlin of UCL, Professor Michael Banissy, Goldsmiths, University of London, Professor Paul Taylor, LMU Munich, Dr Jacinta O’Shea, University of Oxford, and Professor Charlotte Stagg, University of Oxford.

From the newly-enrolled graduate student with a bright idea, to the published researcher just starting to make their name in neuroscience, the Brainbox Initiative offers a significant boost in supporting and promoting novel research. Read on to discover more about the Brainbox Initiative’s programme including:

  • The Research Challenge and Young Investigator Award – annually presented prizes and awards that enable groundbreaking research to be carried out, and reward early-career researchers who have published novel work
  • The annual Brainbox Initiative Conference – the first conference of its kind, giving prominence to early-career researchers and field-leading keynote speakers alike
  • Brainbox Initiative Workshops – a series of intensive, hands-on workshops run with experts from leading universities across the globe.